The Wisdom of Transition with Cheryl Benedict

Professional change can be as extreme as leaving a job or retiring from a career, but it also can be seemingly subtle like transitioning back from vacation, or transitioning between communicating with different people at work. This week I get to interview author Cheryl Benedict to discuss the phases of transition in our professional lives and how we can take time to really understand those changes, how they impact us, and how we can move through the in-between zone to arrive at transformation on the other side. Cheryl's new book The Wisdom of Transition outlines 8 different types of transition we may face in our professional lives, and provides strategies to help us navigate the change process. We discuss: What are the 8 types of transition that we may face in our professional lives? Why is having a "safe space" so important in navigating the transition process? How can we embrace, not reject, our emotions and recognize the lessons they are meant to teach us? Cheryl also offers Gems of Wisdom and a Change and Transition Model downloadable handout on her site.