How can My Innermission help me?

Whether you are looking for journal reflections to help you ask the next question on your journey; a podcast conversation to hear how others have moved through change; or honest articles that offer personal reflections that speak to the vulnerability of an Innermission; this is a space to inspire you on your journey.

What is My Innermission?

Change in life does not have to a be a crisis. Instead, an innermission is an intentional break between the acts of life. Like an intermission in a theatre production, My Innermission is a chance to take stock of what has happened in Act I of your life, reflect on what has worked, what doesn't work for you anymore, and identify how you are feeling on as an emotional, physical, mental, creative, and social being. By taking time to get curious, and listen to yourself, you can prepare yourself for a phenomenal Act II that leaves you satisfied, sustained, and invigorated in what lies ahead.

Colleen spent the first act of her life helping businesses and organizations create strategic plans and navigate change. At 40, Colleen found herself frustrated, physically sick, and questioning her role as a leader, a wife, a mother, and a human being. In the two years she spent uncovering her underlying frustrations, releasing her stress, reflecting on her identity and roles, and unpacking her emotions, Colleen found her curiosity, passion and clarity for her next step--helping others navigate the change process on a personal level.  Colleen brings her former professional experience around change management, her personal work around navigating change, and a dose of humility and humor to help others design an Innermission for themselves.