The Opportunity of Transition with Dr. Felicia Lee

When change happens it can feel challenging, complex, and overwhelming. But what happens if we can recognize the opportunity to just be in the moment of transition and explore our somatic reactions, our approaches to self-regulation, and really listen to ourselves for what comes next. In this interview with Dr. Felicia Lee, from Campana Leadership Group, we talk about her own change story, how just "getting through" doesn't always help you see the opportunity of change, and how to better appreciate the journey of your self. We discuss: How can transitions, even hard ones, can be opportunities? How can we use our somatic awareness and breath to let our bodies lead us through transition? How can we think about safety and belonging help us see our connections to ourselves and others more clearly? If you want to learn more about Felicia's work check out Campana Leadership Group or see her work on LinkedIn.