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The Dynamic Transition of Divorce

Divorce. It's a hard subject and a transition that has so many complexities. On this episode, I talk with Heather Candelaria and Theresa Kleinlein with DIV/VY The Divorce Agency (https://www.divvydivorce.com/) about the hard lessons they learned in their own divorces and how that helped them create their business to support people facing the financial, emotional, and custodial challenges of divorce. We discuss: What makes divorce such a multi-faceted challenging time and what are the common blindspots that people have when getting divorced? How can people collect information proactively to help them make proactive decisions that help support the process of divorce and life afterwards? How can people identify the opportunities of divorce and release the stigma around divorce when it is necessary? Learn more about DIV/VY The Divorce Agency at . Be sure to check out their podcast at Your Divorce Coaches, which is relaunching soon.