Recognizing our Roles with Colleen Stanevich

When we are in transition, we may think that we are merely changing jobs, or changing responsibilities, but we may not always stop to really consider how the roles we play shape how we see ourselves. We also might not examine how a change in one role may impact another role in our lives. In this podcast, I recap the strategies we have learned from interviews in the first part of Season 2, and then look ahead to examining the roles we play as part of our transition. I give examples of how leaving my job led me to ask hard questions about my role as wife, mother, daughter, and even about my responsibility in my role as an individual. In this podcast I discuss: How do we define success in the roles we play? What causes stress in the roles that we play? What are the connections between our definitions of success, our stress, and our roles? If we pause to consider our roles and how the choices we make in those roles impact us, we can either reframe our definitions of success to be more sustainable and more fulfilling, or we can identify what is working or not working in those roles to redefine our roles and how we fill them. If you want to do your own roles analysis, download a reflection guide here