Moving Towards Greater Mental Wellness and Longevity with Dr. Nicole Marcione

Sometimes we identify a need for change for our mental wellness, or to promote a healthier, happier life. But how do we take the first steps towards greater mental wellness? In this conversation with Dr. Nicole Marcione, who is a Gerontologist, Biokinesiologist, Body-Brain Longevity Advisor, and Pilates Instructor, she helps people reach greater mental wellness through her Four Pillars. We discuss: What are the Four Pillars of Mental Wellness and Longevity? What are high leverage practices to begin making change for greater health? Why, even in 2020, is it essential that we find ways to tend to our mental wellness. If you want to learn more about Dr. Nicole's work you can check out her website: To get Dr. Nicole's offer of 30 tips for longevity in 30 days, go to this link and enter the code INNERMISSION.