Leading with Empathy with Liesel Mertes

We all have been aware or experienced disruptive life events--and 2020 has been a collective disruptive life event for many of us. How can we better meet the grief and trauma of disruptive life events? How can we support each other as others experience them? This week I got the chance to speak with Workplace Empathy Advocate, Liesel Mertes about her own experience with loss and how she supports organizations in considering their own practices around empathy. In our conversation we'll discuss: What defines a disruptive life event and what is helpful in supporting someone through a disruptive life event? What are our emotional avatars and how can we use them to understand how we support, or do not support, people going through grief or traumatic change? What can we offer each other in this collective moment of disruptive life events? If you want to learn more about Liesel's work visit: lieselmertes.com Handle with Care podcast